Urban Thinkers Challenge op 28 oktober 2015

28.000 Arcadis medewerkers, 24 uur, 1 uitdaging....

28 Oktober, 28.000 Arcadiansen, 13 steden, 24 hours, 1 uitdaging.... 

THANK YOU! Thanks to the #‎UrbanThinkers who participated in the workshops in 13 cities all over the world. Thank you to the #UrbanThinkers who shared your #‎UrbanSolutions online! You came up with brilliant innovative ideas to create resilient, mobile,and regenerative future cities. Don't be surprised if your ideas turn into reality. Thanks for your participation. 

The outcome will brought together in a book and will be shared with UN-Habitat and published online early 2016.


We invite you to watch the epic movie of the UrbanThinkers Challenge on October 28. Arcadians all over the world shared their innovative ideas for the perfect city of the future. https://vimeo.com/arcadisnv/review/145849883/40556f67da

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